June 06, 2004

Call me Cinderellalastair

Hm. I have a ball to go to in 13 days, and I don't even know what's going on.

I've known about it since a few months ago, but I've been to busy to notice. Now, time's flown by and I need stuff. It's too late to get a proper suit hired, so I think I'll go to the drama league's costume hire and get a suit for a week there.. It'll be infintely cheaper. Plus I need a corsage (I'll talk to my partner about that)..

I don't even know about tickets o_O.

It's good, though. It's not my school's ball, so I don't have to do anything spectacular ^_^. I only have to turn up.

We hired out Panic Room, Carry on Columbus (Excellent movie), Donnie Darko (We never watched this, but I took it home with me), Finding Nemo (^_^), Bandits (I fell asleep during this), Ren and Stimpy (This wasn't as funny as we used to think it was), and something else. We also watched Spirited Away (My friends thought it was weird), and Beauty and the Beast (I was a tad impressed, but I wanted Beast to stay dead. He looked like a retard in the end. Then again, Disney hardly ever makes sad endings).

Other than that, I'm still trying to decide what my site should be about.
If you saw a link called advantegous.net, what would you expect to be on there?

June 01, 2004

Not long now...

I don't know what I'm looking forward to, but it ought to be good.

Sorry for not updating this earlier, I just haven't had the time at all. And, in the rare times when I have been able to get here, I've had to do something else and couldn't post anything new.

This week is exam week. Yesterday I had Maths, I just did History (I'm sitting at a school computer now) and pretty soon I've got English. Tomorrow, I've got Drama (As well as Fiddler until 6:30) and on Friday I've got Physics in the morning. ICT doesn't have an exam ^_^.
The maths department thought it'd be fun to give us the set of question based on the entire year, even when we haven't learned 3/4 of it. Pointless, really, as it just got everybody worried.

I'm curentl;y thinking of movies to hire at the end of the week, as well as good party games, and this is what I've got:
-U Turn
-Hot Shots 1 & 2
-Beauty and the Beast (Hey, I haven't seen it yet =P)
-Battle Royale
-Spirited Away ^_^ (I've seen it heaps, but my friends haven't)

And games:
-Timesplitters 2
-Eyetoy: Groove
-Dynasty Warriors 4

Any reccomendations for some games?