May 22, 2004

Tired. Very tired.


Busy and tired. I feel drained.
Tomorrow, I have a rehearsal for Fiddler followed by a concert (to provide funraising for an Ex-student to go to the London school of music) in which I'm doing our piece from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. We'll be doing Fiddler in about a month's time O_O.
This Wednesday and Thursday, I'm in the Joe Show (A fundraising thingy for a group of people to go to Wellington). I'll be doing Theatresports as well as Poi (My first public performance with them... o.o
Then there's the Girl's High Ball which I've been asked to go to, and I don't even know when it is. I have a sneaky suspicion it's not for a while yet, but there's also the worry that it's mid-way through next month.
Then there's mock exams in a few weeks time, which are really starting to frustrate me (Why do they force this stuff on us when we've already got enough on our plates?).
Combine all of them together, along with rehearsals and farmwork (Whcih I still have to do, even though I don't get much time to myself anyway), and you have a very tired little man.

But enough of the whinging, and onto the other stuff. I got a steam burn before on my fingers, and it feels funny when I put them in my mouth. Guess I shouldn't put them in my mouth, eh?

I'm really feeling an urge to buy Dynasty Warriors 4 now, as well as read Romance of Three Kingdoms. I'm intrigued. I still want to buy Tekken 4, though.



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