May 17, 2004

Mindy + Disconnected!

I lost Mindy in the drama room! I accidentally left her behind in theatrresports at lunch, and when I came back for drama last6 period, she was gone.. Damn those 5th frmers who have a class after lunch, I can't imagine the horrible they've doen to her.

Anyway, I've been disconnected for the past week, there's a problem at home with the internet. It'll be fixed tomorrow, but for now I'm using the school internet.. Access is limitied, and I only found out my internet password recently :\.

That Physics (DC Motor) turned out surpisingly well. I got congratulated for something I spent barely an hour on. I love it when that happens ^_^. I made a mention and pictures, as well as a "In Loving Memory of Mindy: 10/5/04 - 11/5/04" in the last bit of Physics homeork.

There was a bookarama in town, and we spent just over $100 there. Books and records being around $2 each, I got lots of stuff, including -
-War & Peace
-Wuthering Heights
-Complete works of Virgil
-Poems of Henry Van Dycke (Published 1919!! First edition!)
-Ben Hur
-Various Psycholocy books
-The Citadel
-The Ninja
-12 records of Classical music for $1 (!!)
-Handel's Water Music ($1)
-A few other boks and records I can't remember...
-A board game called 'Seige'. It's like Chinese Checkers and Chess mixed together.

I was very pleased with those buys.

But I'm off to take pictures of the school - I hope to be on the net properly soon!


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