May 18, 2004

I'm Baaaaccckk!

It's fixed it's fixed it's fixed!

Hm. One week away wasn't that bad after all. Strangely, 1 week = 7 emails o_O.

I've found a new addiction - Dynasty Warriors. I just borrowed it from my brother, and I'm having sooo much fun! I also tried to play a samurai game called Kango, but it really didn't make sense and was rather boring.. So I gave up. I'll start playing Kessen 2 when I get tired of Dynasty Warriors.

I also borrowed GTA: Vice City, and unfortunately my little brother plays it every spare moment he can. Which is good, because maybe he'll get interested in other games and then we can finally put that 2nd controller to good use.

Oh, and I'll have to draw a picture of what Mindy was like.

Live, Love, and Enjoy Life!


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