May 22, 2004

Tired. Very tired.


Busy and tired. I feel drained.
Tomorrow, I have a rehearsal for Fiddler followed by a concert (to provide funraising for an Ex-student to go to the London school of music) in which I'm doing our piece from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. We'll be doing Fiddler in about a month's time O_O.
This Wednesday and Thursday, I'm in the Joe Show (A fundraising thingy for a group of people to go to Wellington). I'll be doing Theatresports as well as Poi (My first public performance with them... o.o
Then there's the Girl's High Ball which I've been asked to go to, and I don't even know when it is. I have a sneaky suspicion it's not for a while yet, but there's also the worry that it's mid-way through next month.
Then there's mock exams in a few weeks time, which are really starting to frustrate me (Why do they force this stuff on us when we've already got enough on our plates?).
Combine all of them together, along with rehearsals and farmwork (Whcih I still have to do, even though I don't get much time to myself anyway), and you have a very tired little man.

But enough of the whinging, and onto the other stuff. I got a steam burn before on my fingers, and it feels funny when I put them in my mouth. Guess I shouldn't put them in my mouth, eh?

I'm really feeling an urge to buy Dynasty Warriors 4 now, as well as read Romance of Three Kingdoms. I'm intrigued. I still want to buy Tekken 4, though.


May 18, 2004

I'm Baaaaccckk!

It's fixed it's fixed it's fixed!

Hm. One week away wasn't that bad after all. Strangely, 1 week = 7 emails o_O.

I've found a new addiction - Dynasty Warriors. I just borrowed it from my brother, and I'm having sooo much fun! I also tried to play a samurai game called Kango, but it really didn't make sense and was rather boring.. So I gave up. I'll start playing Kessen 2 when I get tired of Dynasty Warriors.

I also borrowed GTA: Vice City, and unfortunately my little brother plays it every spare moment he can. Which is good, because maybe he'll get interested in other games and then we can finally put that 2nd controller to good use.

Oh, and I'll have to draw a picture of what Mindy was like.

Live, Love, and Enjoy Life!

May 17, 2004

Mindy + Disconnected!

I lost Mindy in the drama room! I accidentally left her behind in theatrresports at lunch, and when I came back for drama last6 period, she was gone.. Damn those 5th frmers who have a class after lunch, I can't imagine the horrible they've doen to her.

Anyway, I've been disconnected for the past week, there's a problem at home with the internet. It'll be fixed tomorrow, but for now I'm using the school internet.. Access is limitied, and I only found out my internet password recently :\.

That Physics (DC Motor) turned out surpisingly well. I got congratulated for something I spent barely an hour on. I love it when that happens ^_^. I made a mention and pictures, as well as a "In Loving Memory of Mindy: 10/5/04 - 11/5/04" in the last bit of Physics homeork.

There was a bookarama in town, and we spent just over $100 there. Books and records being around $2 each, I got lots of stuff, including -
-War & Peace
-Wuthering Heights
-Complete works of Virgil
-Poems of Henry Van Dycke (Published 1919!! First edition!)
-Ben Hur
-Various Psycholocy books
-The Citadel
-The Ninja
-12 records of Classical music for $1 (!!)
-Handel's Water Music ($1)
-A few other boks and records I can't remember...
-A board game called 'Seige'. It's like Chinese Checkers and Chess mixed together.

I was very pleased with those buys.

But I'm off to take pictures of the school - I hope to be on the net properly soon!

May 10, 2004

If you're going to San Francisco...


I'm really really tired. For the first time in ages, I woke up and couldn't open my eyes. They were all bleary, and I hate that feeling. I think I've been running on adrenalin for the past few weeks, and now it's all gone and I have to get some rest. Pity the week's only just started. I'm currently falling out of the 'I'm so tired, every single thing is hilarious' region and into the 'Bllllaaarghhhh *snore*' region.
The most exciting thing today that woke me up for a short while was Mindy. I made a little doll in Physics (You were thinking it was a real person, weren't you :P) while doing Light, and named her Mindy. She stayed with me the whole day, and she's sitting by the computer now. Actually, she's quite the evil doll (As many have stated today)... Maybe it's just her expression, or something. She's like one of those dolls that always wants a hug and says "Mama!" in a baby-ish voice. Mindy keeps me going ^_^.

But I'm still stuffed. And now, I have to write an essay about I book I thought was bland and for a teacher I don't like, all due tomorrow.

'Consider the way in which at least TWO individual episodes, sections, or events contributed to a text you have studied.'

I can't even remember two freakin' events, yet alone how they were imprtant for the story. All I remember is that the damn girl was pregnant.

At least I have my favourite music to guide me through ^_^. I love Don Mclean ('s music)

Wish me luck!

May 09, 2004


Blog. The word sounds funny. Blog.
This is my blog. Welcome.

Anyway, this is my first entry! Wooooo!

I, Mum, finally have a place for an audience to listen to me mumble about pies and life and productions and gripes and all that kind of poo.

And then people can mumble back at me, telling me about the things in my life I have to scrape off the bottom of my shoe.
You're in for a turbulent ride. I should install some seatbelts. If you're lucky, I'll even install a loo.

Goodness gracious, I'm rhyming.

I'm sure the novelty of having the world look at my life will pass one day, but until that day: Weeeee!