December 11, 2005

I will end you! Do it again and I will fucking end you!

Yeah, this blog is finished, with a quote from the final episode of TV3's The Pretender.

I've started a Livejournal account, and will situate myself there until I get bored and move off again.

November 23, 2005

I Came, I Saw, I Wondered

Yes. I decided to update my blog, after a full 5 minutes of realising that I hadn't updated in awhile.

So I arrived at Blogspot, logged in, chewed my bottom lip, and wondered what I was going to write. I couldn't think of anything. Never mind, I thought to myself, I'll think of something when the time comes.

The time came.

I started writing a detailed account of what'd happened since I last updated, got halfway through, and realised, Wow, it's not actually that important. And so I deleted it. Started again.

Things of importance in the past few weeks? Bullshit. Bull-freakin-shit. I've finished school. I've done my exams. I've spent alot of time in town. I have no money whatsoever. I'm surrently looking for a job. I'm re-organising things on the computer after the hard drive crashed (to tell you how that went, they managed to salvage My Documents, but the program files and most other things had to go due to mass corruption). I've started to listen (and become addicted) to Coheed and Cambria.

Overall, I'm happy, if a little tired. My throat still has that little niggle left over from Cosi but I'm not bothered by it. It makes my coughing sound nice & earthy.

I think the best way to describe me right now would be one of those sideways faces... With a question mark.

>.> ?

October 14, 2005


Apparently our hard drive crashed.


October 06, 2005

Hiatus Mark

I'm sick of the internet.

It's so annoying, yo. I might disappear for awhile longer. I've got nothing interesting to talk about anyway... Cosi goes on this week, and then I've got a ton of other work to do.

Messages about the past few weeks: Advent Children rocks, Kasabian is good to listen to, the design course in Dunedin was useless but Dunedin itself was fun, and I wish I could go to next year's Big Day Out. Kings of Leon and The Magic Numbers are there, as well as other bands I like.

Maybe goodbye for awhile. Unless those were my famous last words and I end up writing an essay post tomorrow... which I doubt. Cheers, and seeyou.